Opinión y Noticias Externas, Política actual — 16 febrero, 2022 at 3:52 pm

El estado de Tejas demanda a la empresa Meta (Facebook) por vulnerar la intimidad de sus usuarios mediante métodos de reconocimiento facial


La noticia procede Rusia Today, en inglés.
A lawsuit has been filed against Facebook owner Meta by the Texas attorney general’s office, alleging the social media corporation violated state privacy rights with facial recognition tech.
State AG Ken Paxton is reportedly seeking billions in damages for “harvesting Texans’ most personal information” through facial recognition software the company used from 2010 through last year for “corporate profit.” (WSJ)
“Texas law has prohibited such harvesting without informed consent for over 20 years. While ordinary Texans have been using Facebook to innocently share photos of loved ones with friends and family, we now know that Facebook has been brazenly ignoring Texas law for the last decade,” Paxton said.