Política actual — 26 abril, 2022 at 2:04 pm

The Storm Rider prevé que la recobrada libertad en Twitter provoque nuevas leyes de censura en los países gobernados por los globalistas


Atención a esta previsión de The Storm Rider en torno a la recuperación de Twitter como foro de libertad de expresión, a resultas de la operación de Elon Musk. El comentarista afirma que, previendo que a través de Twitter se va a dar a conocer todos los entresijos de la Plandemia (y más temas), los estados del Deep State van a dictar normas contra Twitter, tildando esta red de «desinformación», y organizando una campaña desacreditativa contra el propio Elon Musk [¿os acordáis lo que os dije ayer del juicio a la mujer de Johnny Depp, que fue amante de Musk?]. The Storm Rider afirma que los patriotas ya tienen preparado su siguiente movimiento, para contrarrestar éste, aunque, lógicamente, no aclara cuál va a ser.
What to expect; >MUSK< 🎥 BIDEN, HRC, OBAMA.. and other deep state presidents around the world WILL come after Musk. >Including ELITEs, and BLACKROCK/Vanguard media controlled COMPANIES/and their minions> talk show host/celebs/influencers.ect.ect.ect.
[DS] governments WILL use TWITTER to bring in new social media LAWS
( as Germany and EU already got ready last week… And created new laws for social media companies…)///

> Hundreds of millions will FLOCK back to Twitter and share so much information on PLANdemic, the virus, bioweapons, vaccines DEATHS, election FRAUD exposure in many countries..

_The DEEP STATE is looking forward to blaming. [TWITTER ] ( MUSK) for world misinformation platform and [ they,] already have a plan in place to create more laws connected to seizing, freezing bank accounts, arresting people ( Germany now has a TELEGRAM TASK FORCE )//

FAUCI, CDC,.NIH . WHO, WEF..ECT are already pushing for World Health to be above the law and can push for censorship of any platform including TWITTER….[ They] are pushing for FULL Control… And In the midst of creating new laws…

…… but MUSK < the silent INTEL mil. Battalions ,45 backing him.. Have other plans in place..... And are awaiting the deep state moves.. >>>> GAME theory