Política actual — 11 noviembre, 2022 at 12:28 pm

The Storm Rider avisa de que se va a activar un conflicto (ingenierizado) entre Grecia y Turquía que va quebrar la unidad de la OTAN


En otro importante mensaje, The Storm Rider avisa de que los patriotas van a «ingenierizar» un conflicto entre Turquía y Grecia, que va a generar más división en la OTAN, camino de su desaparición.
Turquía está apoyada por Rusia y China, y en sus bancos hay billones de dólares de los alemanes. Además, la enorme cantidad de turcos que viven en Alemania podrían provocar un gran estallido social.
Termina diciendo que, a su debido momento, Trump unirá a Estados Unidos con el BRICS, y su dólar revaluado con el sistema monetario de Rusia y China.
(Hay otro importante mensaje sobre este tema).

With the Fall of NATO happening an countries continuing to become disloyal to the Regimen.
A Powerful EVENT SCENARIO is on the way

This Division of NATO can’t be stopped. As NATO WILL FACE OFF AGAINST IT’S SELF.

The coming conflict isn’t a matter of IF_ it WILL happen?.. But WHEN?.

NATO is in turmoil as TURKEY is creating chaos inside NATO ( if you have been following me I’ve been telling you for a long time that there is a WAR inside of NATO > INFIGHTING< that Will lead to the COLLAPSE/ restructuring of NATO... I have been giving detail drops on TURKEY the past year......)//// _NOW Turkey is getting ready to make huge moves to upset/ unhinge NATO. BEHIND THE SCENES; RUSSIA/ CHINA is backing TURKEY. . and bringing down NATO is the PLAN ( NATO IS THE DEEP STATE ARMY as is UN... That protect DAVOS.WEF . ROTHSCHILDS EU. OLD ELITES DS)///.... _The coming conflict of TURKEY AND GREECE [ NATO] vs. [ NATO] is CREATED to create division among EU. NATO countries who together have TRILLIONS invested in TURKEY banks. Economy. Shipping. Weapons programs..... Germany among the most has hundreds of BILLIONS invested in their Allie Turkey.... With GERMANY having the most Turkish citizens in its country ( Germany can't lose Turkey allies for several reasons.. Including creating a huge CIVIL UNREST within is own country of they go against TURKEY in NATO vs. NATO war......)//// _ _As you have seen now...... The past couple of years I have told you PUTIN, XI. MODI. BIN SALMAN +TRUMP.... Are all working together > NOW PUTIN. XI. MODI. BIN SALMAN are all publicly acknowledging their ALLIANCE Inside OF BRICS…………..*>>> TRUMP WILL COME INTO THE PICTURE IN DUE TIME PUBLICLY TO CREATE PEACE AMONG THE WORLD AND CONNECT SUB -BRICS ALLIANCE…… OWN U.S. DIGITAL GOLD BACK CURRENCY that also works beside BRICS………. These two different CURRENCIES WILL connect in world peace OPERATIONS in the Future.