General, Vida Galáctica — 28 septiembre, 2012 at 9:37 am

El último mensaje de la Federación Galáctica explica cómo regalaron los códigos del tiempo a los olmecas


Pues sí, El Cosmos se está poniendo en hora. Si nos atenemos al último mensaje de la Federación Galáctica, «esa sensación» que describía el otro día se corresponde con los últimos ajustes para transportarnos a otra realidad.
Entre otras cosas, explica cómo donaron al pueblo olmeca (que a su vez lo traspasó a aztecas y mayas), en concreto, los Pleyadianos.
Hablan del «colapso del tiempo» como un evento próximo (que será realidad a comienzos del 2013) pero no dan una fecha precisa, con lo que ni niegan ni afirman la fecha del 21-22 diciembre, que se está manejando generalizadamente.
Dice que las nuevas estructuras sociales están casi listas, al compás de la nueva rejilla magnética que está creando el propio planeta junto con el sol.
También cuentan que han desactivado las armas esotéricas «que les dieron décadas atrás» y que la élite estaba utilizando contra nosotros. ¿Se refiere a la tecnología satelital?
De todo lo que dice, me quedo con este párrafo porque concuerda con diciembre del 2012 como el paso a otra Realidad.
¿Será Verdad?
Que sí, que sí, que sí, por favor…

PD: Estaría muy, pero que muy bien que alguien tradujera este mensaje.

This date in late December marks the moment when your world passes through a special point in its travels through this galaxy. Your sun, like all the stars in this galaxy, rotates around the galactic core and transits various points along the way. These points can be calculated by a formula that was given to the ancient Olmec over six thousand years ago by visitors from the Pleiades. These Pleiadean scientists bequeathed the Olmec Timekeepers with a means to begin a count which leads up to a grand shift in this reality. These sacred disciplines were passed on to other Timekeepers and became a most sacred part of the daily rituals of the Maya. In their honor, we have used this count to express the date for each of our messages to you. The moment chosen for the beginning of this shift is to be given to you shortly. The Andromedan and Pleiadean scientists, who are the prodigy of those who brought this knowledge to Earth, feel very honored that this sacred date is soon to be revealed to you.

The Gregorian year is to end just after this chronological and spiritual phenomenon happens. Very shortly afterwards, we have planned a series of events that will usher in a whole new physical reality for you, in which we intend to bring about full disclosure as well as proceed rapidly with the changes in the way your world operates. The dark cabal knows that its rule over your world is wearing thin and indeed, the collapse of your reality’s old grids is fully underway. The replacement grids are in place and awaiting Heaven’s manifestation of them. Meanwhile, our fleet is preparing in like manner the grids of all the other planets in your solar system for this grand shift. This time is extremely close. We expect the dark to continue its charades until it is finally pushed from power. This, too, is close, and our liaison personnel are working with our allies to firm up the dates for this. We will talk further about this in future messages.