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Programación MK Ultra de Miley Cyrus en TV cuando tenía… ¡un año!


El conocido activista Mark Dice ha encontrado este vídeo de 1994, que es la primera aparición en TV de la posteriormente conocida como Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus. En él, la adorable niña de apenas un año porta un muñeco del cantante Willy Nelson, asegurando que es «su novio», mientras su padre, el también cantante Billy Ray Cyrus, la observa
orgulloso, portando una cruz invertida (símbolo de los satánicos).
El contenido de este singular vídeo lleva al investigador norteamericano a proponer que la programación MK Ultra de la niña comenzó en esa temprana edad, lo que le ha llevado a convertirse en el juguete sexual en el que se ha convertido hoy día. En otras palabras, Dice sugiere que Billy Ray ofreció a su hija a los satánicos a tan corta edad.
Más abajo, los comentarios en inglés de Mark Dice.

Miley Cyrus’ MK Ultra Training Began Early (Evidence)

Miley Cyrus as a Baby Showing MK Ultra Training, Her «Boyfriend», Willy Nelson, and Her Satanic Father.

(1) Billy Ray Cyrus is clearly wearing a subtle upside down cross necklace, a mark of Satanism;

(2) Miley is creepily walking around who her own father labels a dozen or more times is her «boyfriend», Willy Nelson, a named MK Ultra handler by several researchers into the subject, and even mentions she goes up to the TV to kiss this man – meanwhile, the father is already connected in the music industry and knows Willy Nelson; and,

(3) the TV host notices that the daughter is being trained to flirt with older men at a young age, and logically predicts that this will be a problem when Miley gets older.

Of course, people who are not accustomed to knowing this type of evil exists in the world prescribe these behaviors as serving ulterior ends — something more along the lines of their own definitions of how the world works. So, the host laughs off her prediction that this behavior is troublesome, even though it is obviously creepy, and hidden beneath the outward innocence of a child’s youth.

The story continues that Miley took off into a career of her own by sneaking away to a Disney audition without her father knowing. However, like most «entertainment industry families», it is far more likely that Ray Cyrus was pimping out his own daughter to executives, who would do all sorts of perverted things to her, to induct her into a lifetime of abusive handling.