Política actual — 5 julio, 2021 at 2:21 pm

Confirmación desde Australia de la guerra que se vive en una gran base subterránea


Al tiempo que nos llega esta confirmación desde Australia de la guerra subterránea que se desarrolla en el subsuelo de la base de Pine Gap, cerca de Darwin, y en la que participan 25.000 soldados, muchos de ellos norteamericanos, se ha decretado un confinamiento en Australia.
From telegram:

Hi, I live in Darwin & confirm what a lot of u are saying is true.There has been a massive military build up in Darwin the last few months. I can say over 25, 000 Foreign Troops in Darwin under the pretence of Military exercise. 15,000 are USA Troops, 4,000 Indiana & balance Singaporean/Japanese. Prior to the Lock Down on Sunday I only heard the Fighter Jets/choppers @ night, now u can hear them during the day flying out of RAAF in Darwin. We have Military action in Darwin 24 hours a day with jets etc.The USA have brought there big guns here, massive fighter jets & choppers. The Granites Gold Mine were the Coronavirus Outbreak occurred has a tunnel entrance to Pine Gap. The Pine Gap DUMB stretch’s past the Gold Mine in the Tanami to Alice Springs all the way to Black Mountain in QLD. The Alliance is Attacking the Deep State via the entrance of Granites Gold Mine. Alice Springs went into lock down a few day ago with an out break in another mine with Coronavirus. There is another entrance in the mine in Alice Springs we’re the Alliance is entering the DUMBS. We have had casualties reported but what they said in the media on Sunday was loss from training exercise. Pine Gap is hell on earth, a friend of mine is a former fire fighter who told me that many who were called there when fire alarms went off, never wanted to go & check & stayed on the Fire Truck.The Reptilians have committed many bad things to the native Australians, as they are spiritual & have an attachment to the land. Uluru is the heart of Gia & this is why the native Australians wanted the sacred rock back in their control away from the Lizards.