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El gigantesco promotor inmobiliario chino, Evergrande, suspende pagos en dólares


Evergrande, el desarrollador chino cuya crisis de liquidez ha sacudido los mercados crediticios del país, ha incumplido por primera vez con la deuda en dólares.
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UPDATE: Evergrande & Kaisa cut by Fitch Ratings to «restricted default» after missed pay deadlines

Property developers China Evergrande Group and Kaisa Group were downgraded to «restricted default» by rating agency Fitch Thursday, due to non-payment of offshore bond dues.

Fitch said Evergrande did not respond to its request for confirmation on the coupon payments worth $82.5mn that were due last month with the 30-day grace period ending this week – noting: «we are therefore assuming they were not paid.»

Fitch also cut its rating on Kaisa to restricted default, citing its failure to repay a $400mn dollar bond that matured Tuesday, while a source said Kaisa had started work on restructuring its $12bn offshore debt. (Reuters)