Política actual — 22 abril, 2022 at 5:08 pm

The Storm Rider confirma que en la toma de Mariupol el ejército ruso ha capturado a generales USA y soldados británicos y franceses


En otro de sus largos mensajes The Storm Rider confirma que las fuerzas especiales de la OTAN intentaron rescatar de la base subterránea de Mariupol a varios generales del ejército USA que dirigían a los nazis del Batallón Azov. Fueron detenidos, al igual que soldados de la legión francesa, y Putin los tiene en su poder.
También cuenta que el sistema satelital de Elon Musk trabaja para la Alianza y dirige armas de energía, además de espiar los movimientos de los malos.

As reported by many insiders
> U.S. [ DS] military running the show in UKRAINE w/ CIA and private MILITARY ( mercenaries for hire)/// … Over ten thousand
Fighting in dark covert war for the CABAL deep state and training Ukraine millstone militias and military///

>WIRES; Two helicopters carrying [ DS] blackhats U.S. MILITARY soldiers were shot down while doing a rescue attempt on U.S. Underground Ground bunkers/BIOLABS that housed very important [ DS] Brigade Generals .

A [ DS] U.S. COLONIAL was among those taken prisoner of the shot down HELOS .

NATO / FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION military FORCEs among captured by the RUSSIANS


>The last remaining Ukrainian fuel depot destroyed … Bringing the Ukraine Mil into PANIC and a COMING Stand still< MILITARY STOCK PILES/ MUNITIONS RUNNING LOW>>> that’s the reason Biden admin. Ok’s BILLIONS more for Ukraine War<<< _________ Putin has captured> NATO FORCES> [ DS]U.S. Mil. high ranking commands …. In underground Russian channels the captured U S. Colonial is seen from the gunned down HELOS///

Word is [ DS] U.S Brigade/Major
GENERALS caught inside D.U.M.Bs < The rescue attempt failed and a U.S. Colonial was captured. >>>>>PUTIN holding these cards ♠️
Their is another reason why MUSK was allowed to position STARLINK over a WAR ZONE..

>>>Starlink satellites are much more than most think….
>>>> MILITARY HIGH GRADE WEAPONS…>>> PARTICLE BEAM WEAPON<<<💥 Starlink has been tracking ALL> blackhats mil.ops since the start
Deep state mil. Vs. White HATS MiL.

>everything happening now will connect to future _EVENTs
///Tribunals<<< The set up. ♟️ CHESS ♟️ How do you bring down the whole damn corrupt system >>>> [ DS] inside PENTAGON CIA, 3 letter agencies….. NATO. UN???